At Ocean Tomo we begin each intellectual property (IP) Strategy Advisory Services engagement with a thorough understanding of relevant industry activity as well as best-in-class IP solutions, tools, and execution partners. With more than twenty years of experience in providing trusted counsel to companies of all size, we bring a leadership view that is uniquely able to help our clients realize their Intellectual Capital Equity® value. Our implementation of world-class IP strategy programs assists stakeholders throughout the organization, not simply within the IP function.

Ocean Tomo’s strategic advisory services are centered on Corporate Planning, Operational Execution, and Risk Management. Across these three pillars, Ocean Tomo Strategy Advisory Services relies upon experts from each of the firm’s practice areas to develop and execute effective strategies promoting innovation driven business initiatives. Our clients benefit from experiences learned through a continually updated best-in-class, multi-disciplinary approach. Ocean Tomo is retained on behalf of large global companies as well as smaller entities.

Generally, our mandate is established by:

The need to measure and communicate stakeholder value from investment in IP has never been greater resulting in enhanced demand for operational efficiency improvements. Whether focused on addressing a unique event or a company’s on-going practice, every Strategic Advisory Services assignment begins with an understanding of our client’s overall concerns and objectives.

Understanding how IP supports corporate goals is only the first task. Effective communication follows requiring visualization of the company’s IP portfolio position vis-à-vis business strategy, products and services, competitors, and industry trends. Ocean Tomo’s template as well as custom-built reporting and dashboards aid in IP management decisions and internal consensus building.

The IP market is rapidly changing, requiring IP strategy to be continually monitored and updated to assure optimum results. Ocean Tomo’s engagements typically include periodic status calls with a formal or ad-hoc intellectual property committee to discuss in-process initiatives and deliverables as well as to review and challenge overall engagement direction.