The internal and external pressure on corporate innovation has never been greater. Several factors influencing the innovation process include: the shortening of technology life cycles; acceleration of technological convergence; increased global competition; reduced product and service loyalty along with ever increasing consumer expectations.

Increasingly today in order to optimize innovation, public and private companies large and small employ a variety of innovation channels designed to support their internal R&D processes including: corporate venture capital; R&D out sourcing to government and independent labs as well as universities; intellectual property acquisition, human capital acquisition as well as M&A. Each of these external innovation channels requires extensive oversight and management.

Ocean Tomo Venture Development allows operating company clients to capture and guide emerging third party solutions through an outsourced venture capital service platform specific to the client’s interests. Cross functional Ocean Tomo teams identify diligence and direct client investments into a small portfolio of venture backed companies that promise future growth technologies. Ocean Tomo professionals direct portfolio investments to maximize the opportunity for future product, service or acquisition opportunities. Client returns are measured both through innovation access as well as financial gain. Low return R&D expense dollars are converted to high return capital gains and IP rights. Ocean Tomo limits its Venture Development clients by technology vertical to assure first look opportunities.

The Venture Development Process at Ocean Tomo begins with a thorough understanding of the client company.


Investment Strategy Development

In collaboration with the corporate development team, Chief Technology Officer and VP of Strategy, the Ocean Tomo Venture Development first formalizes the strategic objectives of the company.


Investment Target Identification

In order to inform the process of Investment Target identification, the Ocean Tomo IP Strategy Group prepares an IP Landscape as well as Competitive Landscape Analysis. Utilizing best-of-breed IP analytics and internal company resources, potential investment targets are identified.


Deal Sourcing & Support

Ocean Tomo Venture Development oversees the deal flow generation and manages the investment process. Leveraging the expertise of Ocean Tomo Valuation and Transaction advisory professionals, the team takes an integrated approach to sourcing and executing the new venture partners.


Portfolio Company Management

The Ocean Tomo Venture Development team takes an active role in managing the IP strategy development, product development and integration in addition to overall management of the portfolio companies.


The Ocean Tomo Venture Development team provides companies with an outsourced venture capital service platform that facilitates the management of strategic investments building deal flow and M&A opportunities while managing risk. Our cross-functional teams help clients manage the life-cycle of outsourced innovation integrating into the client’s corporate development group to accelerate innovation through a reliable and integrated fund management structure. Un-bundled services include:

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