China Technology and Intellectual Property Scope of Services

Ocean Tomo has a long history of working with Asian clients seeking to realize the value of their global intangible assets. Indeed, the origination of the name Ocean Tomo reflects the company’s experience in working with Asian clients to satisfy their intellectual capital needs.

Continued advances in Chinese research and development combined with National programs to increase patent filings has created a substantial need by Chinese firms to apply intellectual property (IP) management best practices. Ocean Tomo has substantial experience advising IP owners at all levels of maturity and sophistication. Our China Technology and Intellectual Property Services (CTIP) Services focus on specific issues most relevant to Chinese firms active internationally, with service teams that help clients to feel comfortable and secure in these important matters.

Ocean Tomo’s offerings leverages the unique intellectual property Opinion, Management and Advisory Services of Ocean Tomo with the essential Chinese business, market and legal insights of partners within China including Sinofaith IP Group. The collaboration results in a superior understanding:

Chinese Business Culture

Through significant professional experience working in China, the CTIP Service liaisons provide unique Chinese business and cultural insights to all Ocean Tomo engagements on behalf of Chinese companies facilitating a better understanding of client needs.

Chinese Markets

Our partners and liaisons in China are part of professionals who are part of the CTIP Services team share a thorough understanding of current market conditions in China. With this insight our professionals are better equipped to develop solutions for our Chinese clients to realize the value of patent, trade secret and brand assets.

Chinese Legal and IP Issues

If applicable, a network of independent counsel can help clients to incorporate up-to-date legal and IP rulings in China to support cross border licensing or other technology transfer transactions.

Ocean Tomo’s China Technology and IP Services team works to apply a comprehensive offering selected from:

Opinion Services

Management Services
Advisory Services

China Technology and IP Services Are Driven by the Client Situation

Subject of International Trade Commission investigation seeking a limited or general exclusion order prohibiting infringing goods from entering the US Serve as expert witness on issues related to domestic industry and commercial success
Involved in intellectual property (IP) litigation in the US Serve as expert witness actively participating in the discovery process and providing an expert opinion on economic damages
Subject to Inter Partes Review (IPR) proceedings in the USPTO seeking to invalidate patent(s) Serve as expert witness addressing opinions of commercial success
Seek valuation in order to prepare to sell patents, use as security collateral, among others Provide independent, third party appraisal of patent value; identification of potential counter parties
Explore the potential of acquiring a company with technology in the US Review maturing patent portfolios to identify potential M&A opportunities and targets; assess IP values owned by the target company; implement advantaged transaction structure
Structuring strategic IP portfolio Evaluate competitive threats and opportunities presented by the active patent landscape; correlate patents to existing and planned products with the goal of reallocating patent prosecution resources
Exploring monetization of underutilized patents Evaluate the value of patents to third parties; offer a place to sell/ buy patents; identify potential buyers
Training new IP staff IP management and monetization training
Plaintiff in patent litigation filed in China Market Royalty Rate Report (MR3)
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