Ocean Tomo Investments uses its knowledge from valuing intangible assets to identify and capitalize on the growing importance of intellectual property as a distinct asset class. Ocean Tomo produces valuable offerings for the market place to take advantage of the inefficiencies of the IP asset class.

Investment Banking Services

Ocean Tomo Investment Banking provides IP-based services and products to corporations rich in intangible assets who are looking for non-traditional ways to approach their structural, capital and strategic issues. As the value of corporations increasingly becomes a function of their IP value, Ocean Tomo’s Investment Banking services will remain at the forefront of value extraction, monetization and maximization.

Asset Management

Ocean Tomo Asset Management has developed a family of investment products based on its proprietary Intellectual Property valuation methodologies. While IP alpha is common to all strategies, Ocean Tomo Asset Management's strategies represent a spectrum of risk-adjusted returns, liquidities, correlations, and holding periods.

Investment Research

Ocean Tomo’s Investment practice offers two types of investment research: long-term research support to fundamental investment groups looking to add IP insight into their alpha generating processes and special situations research support to investment groups looking to execute specific trades where IP is the driving catalyst. Fundamental IP research integrates quantitative and qualitative methods to identify competitive positions made defensible by IP or the ability to drive enhance returns through more efficient utilization of IP portfolios. Special situations research supports IP-based change of control, activist, distressed, patent arbitrage and litigation outcome investing.

Ocean Tomo Indexes

The transformation of the global economy to a knowledge economy has placed an unprecedented focus on companies’ intangible assets, including intellectual property assets: patents, trademarks and copyrights. The economic inversion in the relative importance of tangible assets to intangible assets experienced over the last three decades carries significant implications for the investment community.

Ocean Tomo's suite of patent-based indexes and investable securities provide investors, asset managers and financial advisors with compelling investment options and viable benchmarks. The indexes and securities are IP-centric: inclusion in an Ocean Tomo Index reflects corporate intellectual property value relative to traditional financial value. By constructing indexes and securities around the fundamental indicators of performance in the knowledge economy, Ocean Tomo Indexes and their related securities give the investment community access to, and benchmarks for, the leading asset of the knowledge economy: intellectual capital.

Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Index
Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Growth Index
Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Value Index