While the IP function is critical to supporting company strategy, IP managers face time, budget, and data challenges. Ocean Tomo improves the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ IP functions. We provide process and policy reviews related to innovation and invention capture, patent strategy and decision management processes, confidential information handling and trade secrets reasonable measures, as well as information and decision tools including benchmarking, score cards, and executive dashboards. Our results enable more effective and timely decision making helping to reduce budgetary pressures.

Ongoing IP portfolio management, assessment, reporting and information flow is critical to sustained value creation and competitive positioning. We provide analyses and recommendations to improve IP portfolio management actions, processes and activities for enhanced strategic positioning for your organization. These include portfolio and business alignment assessment and improvement; competitive assessment; IP reporting; engagement with executives, investors, and board members; IP go, no-go decision support; and analytics, information management and commercialization options. Management Training is designed to increase overall awareness by both executives and scientists to utilize IP as a strategic tool. Such training is directed towards expeditious adoption of the chosen IP strategy and is always metrics based.

Management Resources

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Managing Director
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