The Ocean Tomo Private Acquisitions team works with clients to make targeted buys of quality, hard-to-access IP portfolios where one or more of the following criteria are important:

Ocean Tomo Private Acquisitions is uniquely positioned to source IP that is technically, legally, and commercially sound by leveraging our transaction experience to our work with companies, universities, and labs on a broad range of critical IP-related needs. Our industry leading understanding of IP enables you to spend more time building the portfolio you want and less time wasted on reviewing sub-par portfolios. If desired, Private Acquisitions can leverage our vast consulting and legal network and unique crowd sourcing program to develop and vet evidence of use. On a highly selective basis, Private Acquisitions can provide you with an exclusive “first-offer” on qualified IP in well-defined technology areas, which places you in the middle of Ocean Tomo’s extensive deal flow. Our team consists of world-class buyers who understand how to sift through the massive IP landscape to locate, diligence, negotiate, and present you with only attractive acquisition opportunities, making the entire process easy and cost-efficient for you.

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