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A mid-cap internet software and services company retained Ocean Tomo to help the firm both generate value from a particular subset of their IP portfolio and – more broadly – with their overall IP/innovation strategy relating to their future goals. In the first phase of this assignment Ocean Tomo provided a series of strategic options for the company, and the second phase structured to implement, at the company’s election, the chosen option(s).


Ocean Tomo initiated the engagement with a high-level business review to further develop our understanding of the company’s market position, business strategy and goals, technology roadmap, and historical ability to execute its IP and business strategy. Ocean Tomo not only reviewed the company documents and product markets, but also conducted interviews with key company product development, corporate development, and C-suite personnel to gain the requisite understanding of the company’s business.

We analyzed the individual assets within the patent portfolio to distinguish the most valuable and commercially viable patents. Applying our thorough comprehension of the technology, we then classified the patent portfolio into discrete sub-technology buckets to develop patent landscapes, which allowed us to both identify third party entities with related IP and assess a high-level relative positioning of the sub-portfolios in their relevant markets.

Ocean Tomo then conducted an external review, leveraging years of director level management consulting and IP strategy expertise to consider and evaluate the successful IP strategies of other companies and industries to determine the appropriate fit as it particularly related to the company. Armed with an in-depth understanding of existing external market strategies and the company’s high-level business position and objectives, patent quality, and patent landscapes, we synthesized the results of our analyses to develop a set of tailored options, next steps, and requirements for leveraging the portfolio.


The Phase I deliverable included strategic options beyond the commonplace shield and sword approaches to IP value generation, also including IP strategies to facilitate self-funding innovation cycles, outsourced innovation platforms, and the development of ecosystems.

The company has gravitated toward a few of the more creative approaches to leveraging their portfolio within their broader innovation strategy, and is awaiting internal approval to commence a Phase II engagement with Ocean Tomo.

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