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United States District Court for the District of Texas, Wichita Falls Division Civil Action No. 7:09-cv-00029-0

Lighting Ballast Control, LLC v. Advance Transformer Co., Fulham Co., Inc., General Electric Co. and Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.


Trial Testimony


Electronic Lighting Ballasts

Case Issues

Patent Infringement and Lump Sum Royalties


In a trial relating to the infringement of several patents, plaintiff’s expert opined to a running royalty ranging from $9.3 - $15.6 million, plus additional post-trial royalties. Ocean Tomo testified that the proper form and amount of the reasonable royalty was a fully paid up lump-sum royalty of $.1.5 million, and no post trial royalties. Following findings of validity and infringement, the plaintiff was awarded a fully paid-up lump sum royalty of #3.0 million and no post-trial royalties.


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