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United States International Trade Commission On behalf of Respondents Acer, Nanya and Powerchip Investigation No. 337-TA-630


Hearing and Deposition Testimony


Specific Technology Related to the “Packaging” of DRAM Chips

Case Issues

Determining the number of the unlicensed chips imported into or sold in the U.S. by the defendants versus remaining suppliers and licensees.


Ocean Tomo opined that the majority of units sold in or imported into the U.S. by defendants were purchased from suppliers or subcontractors directly licensed by Tessera. The Admin- istrative Law Judge, in agreement with Ocean Tomo, found that all chips Defendants pur chased from Tessera licensees were authorized thus, Tessera’s rights in those chips were sub- ject to exhaustion, and that none of Tessera’s patents had been infringed. The ITC made a final determination that there was no violation of Section 337.


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