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A leader in the high performance computing industry was undergoing operational restructuring. The company desired to better understand the types of technologies covered by its patent portfolio, the portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses relative to other industry participants, and how the portfolio could be used to support current and future business lines, including through monetization and acquisition of IP rights.


The company retained Ocean Tomo to assist in developing and executing a strategic assessment of its IP. To help the client meet its goal, Ocean Tomo analyzed the client’s patent portfolio, its corporate strategy, and the market environment in which it operated. First we provided an assessment of the quality of the patents in the client’s portfolio and other related patent portfolios. We then provided an analysis of the IP environment around the client’s patents, including a survey of IP litigation in the related technology areas, and assessment of relevant licensing and IP-driven M&A transactions. Taking a step back from IP, we provided an analysis of the markets in which the client operated, including market research to gauge the approximate market size of the products related to the potential monetization strategies we developed. Finally, we provided an analysis of various risks involved in potential monetization strategies (litigation blowback, client, vendor, ecosystem, reputation and other risks).


Ocean Tomo developed three options that would generate revenue and realign the portfolio with the corporate strategy, creating opportunity for more focus on certain product lines important to the client’s growth. Ultimately the client opted to execute the option focused on divesting non-core assets in order to utilize the revenue to support development of key product lines.


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