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A group of Fortune 500 technology companies purchased the intellectual property portfolio of a multinational telecommunications and data networking equipment manufacturer out of bankruptcy. The technology assets, foundational to telecommunication services, network infrastructure equipment, mobile handsets, internet search and social networking, were placed into the joint-venture managed by experience technologist and licensing professionals. The owners, each with competing interests, decided that is was best to pursue strategic alternatives for the firm.


Ocean Tomo advised management on a prospective buyout. Our team conducted extensive diligence of the opportunity, including detailed technical and financial analysis, and assisted with capital advisory. Our evaluation drove discussions around the portfolio’s value and the internal rate of return available to investors.


The transaction garnished interest among various strategic and financial groups. As a result of our efforts, the portfolio sold for a 300% premium to the initial bid – having advised on two fully funded management buyout offers, initially unsolicited and then at the behest of the board.

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Managing Director
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