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United States District Court for the Central District of California, Southern Division Case No. CV 04-9049-DOC (RNBx) Consolidated with Nos. CV 04-9059 and CV 05-2727


Trial and Deposition Testimony


Dolls and Children’s Toys

Case Issues

Trade Secret Misappropriation, Copyright Infringement


In the second trial regarding Mattel’s claim of ownership of rights to Bratz dolls, Ocean Tomo testified that MGA had suffered $85 million in damages due to Mattel’s misappropriation of MGA’s trade secrets. MGA was awarded $85 million in trade secret misappropriation damages and the jury rejected all of Mattel’s claims to the Bratz dolls and did not award Mattel any copyright damages. MGA was also awarded punitive damages and legal fees and costs.


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