Take 5 On Patents: March Report

Thu, 4/30/2015 - 2:05PM — STRATEGIC ANALYTICS

Today, Ocean Tomo released our new Take 5: On Patents report. This report provides an overview of the highest patent issuance activity within the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) during the month of March. A few notable names from this report include Immunomedics, Inc., Toshiba Corp., Marshall Medoff, and Pate Baird.

Immunomedics, Inc., March’s top company, came in second to Rovi Corp. for earliest average priority date with a median date for the entire portfolio of August 31, 2002. Immunomedics’ patents have a broad range of patent prosecution lengths and have four patents issued this month classified as USPC 424, a drug categorization with 544 newly issued patents this month.

While USPC 725 was the most active class in March, USPC 341 climbed from fifth to third most active space from last month's report. The most active company in USPC 341 was Toshiba Corp., with four issued patents with an average OTR score of 110.

Marshall Medoff of Xyleco, Inc. was March’s second top inventor with five patents issued during this month. This brings the total number of patents that list him as an inventor to 95. These patents average an OTR score of 140.4 with a median remaining life of 15.8 years. 39 of his patents are classified under USPC 435: Chemistry, molecular biology and microbiology. Mark T. Corl of LG took the first spot with 11 issued patents with an average OTR score of 185.1.

Pate Baird, a firm that specializes in intellectual property, made the list of this month’s Top 5 prosecuting firms. According to data from the USPTO, the firm is listed as the attorney on record for 58 patents, which have an average OTR™ Score of 144.3. Pate Baird is a regular client of Groen Brothers with a patent volume of 18 patents.

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