Ocean Tomo China to Introduce Gold Book at the 2018 China International Patent Fair

Fri, 8/24/2018 - 3:00PM — OCEAN TOMO

Dr. N. Darius Sankey, Ph.D., Ocean Tomo China co-president, travels to China this week to visit firm clients and participate in the 2018 China International Patent Fair (“CIPF”) taking place on August 24-26 at the Dalian World Expo Center. The CIPF is an annual gathering for more than one thousand global intellectual property (IP) thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate and university IP officers, who gather to exhibit and trade patent portfolios, build new partnerships, and discuss critical IP issues.

Dr. Sankey will join a panel discussion, exploring how “to Build the Infrastructures for the IP Operating System and Global IP Trading Hub”. Following the panel, Dr. Sankey will debut an innovative new product created for the Chinese market – Ocean Tomo Gold Book™ (“Gold Book”). The Gold Book was developed by Ocean Tomo China in order to recognize the strength of a patent portfolio based on the number of patent families covering key technologies. It allows for an assessment of patents to assist managers in optimizing their holdings. This will be the first time that Gold Book is formally introduced. Dr. Sankey will reveal a demo and elaborate the methodology and significance of Gold Book.

For a report on this conference or further details on the Gold Book for Chinese Patents, please contact DariusSankey@OTI.com


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Photo by RDECOM / CC BY-SA 4.0